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This is about the story of my encounter with a popular roblox myth called “Alone traveler”

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It was about 3pm when I was watching some YT vids, I was watching some myth videos from a Youtuber known as Flamingo, he was investigating myth called “Alone Traveler”. It was very interesting so I decided to check the profile, I went on the profile and checked his games, I joined this game he had called “Empty”. I joined the game and I could not believe my eyes. It was Alone Traveler! There were other people there and some who were creepy like this guys named “DwayneCult”. After about 5 minutes of people crowding Alone, he started to do some creepy things. Every time someone would touch him, they would die, I thought it was normal until he did something else, he started to put in creepy noises into the games. After I would say 10 minutes of hearing people die and creepy noises. Alone shut down the game. After the games was shut down. I decided to investigate more. I joined the game again after he shut it down, there was a house in the game that was kind of far away, after entering the house, I was teleported to a game, “ I could not really remember but I think it was a game with house but there was a basement. I got too scared so I decided to leave, after all the drama with Alone, I decided to message some of the people who were there when Alone was playing. I was able to message one of them, i cant really remember his name but what I remember is that he had the word “Lucifer” in his name, he looked like demon with horns and red skin, I messaged him about it and he friended me. I was scared about it but I accepted. Until now, I have been trying to message him about the time with Alone but won’t answer.

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